Recognizing that investment in quality is the best investment possible, SAMSON's primary objective is to maintain the highest quality standards. Quality, as a symbol of excellence in products and services, is the most important element of the SAMSON company policy.

Of primary importance is the total quality management system, which focuses all efforts solely on the customer. In order to fulfill their expectations, a system of continuous quality control has been established. It greatly exceeds checking the product specifications listed, which is due to the individual competence, commitment and feeling of responsibility of each employee. This system includes such diverse fields of operation as practical design, product certification, incoming inspection, preventative maintenance, workplace safety and environmental protection.

SAMSON's quality management system is modelled over the strict requirements of ISO 9001 and the ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Code. This certification is constantly monitored, both internally and externally, by auditing the entire process from beginning to end. During these audits, the most modern measuring and testing methods are used to ensure the constant accuracy of results.

In the material testing stage, state-of-the-art methods e.g. as spectral analysis, ultrasonic testing or surface crack detection are used. At the final testing stage of control valves, computer-driven test rigs are employed, which have been specially developed for this application.

The primary objective of an efficient business process in a manufacturing plant is to ensure constant product quality assurance. This will be reflected by fewer non-conformances, a better product and higher quality of workmanship performed by a more knowledgeable employee, which subsequently means satisfied customers. SAMSON considers its total quality assurance management system the essential philosophy in ensuring a safe and sound future.