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Predictive analytics for the process industry

The SAM GUARD® predictive analytics solution for the process industry quickly and accurately identifies equipment failures and suspicious operating modes days to weeks in advance. It provides an average of five early, accurate and actionable alerts a day.

SAM GUARD combines artificial intelligence (AI) with human intelligence (HI) in the form of plant know-how (human-enhanced machine learning) to achieve maximum availability, performance and productivity.

Coverage of the entire plant

With SAM GUARD, you can keep track of the entire plant. SAM GUARD detects failures in rotating and static equipment as well as deviations in operating modes and process behavior.

It's in your hands

Alerts are clear and point to the exact location and nature of failure. Your team is able to act on the alerts and no data science knowledge is needed.

Your knowledge counts

Industrial assets require a specific approach. SAM GUARD combines your expert know-how with machine learning (ML) to achieve a unique predictive monitoring solution.

No alert fatigue

Don't waste time on false alarms. Instead of indicating hundreds of anomalies, SAM GUARD issues no more than five truly actionable alerts a day.

No surprises

Get notified of a failure 3 weeks to a few hours in advance. No more surprises in the middle of the night. Planned, proactive maintenance saves you money.

Quick start-up

Your data and sensor values are already available. It takes only one to two weeks for your process engineers to specify the plant structure and behavior in the software - and SAM GUARD is up and running.

SAM GUARD demo version

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SAM GUARD enables you to …

  • Detect equipment failures ahead of time
  • Analyze the root causes of anomalies
  • Identify suspicious process behavior
  • Identify deviating operating modes

Increase your plant´s availability, performance and production now

Data migration

You already invested in the collection of your data? Then benefit from it now.

In most plants, sensor data are already being collected in a data historian. SAM GUARD enables you to leverage this investment and maximize your knowledge based on the existing data.


SAM GUARD works on-premises, i.e. in your corporate network. The software can be installed on any virtual machine running Linux. Space can be provided on our SAMSON and Precognize servers free of charge or the application is installed on your own servers.

Make your own choice.


  • Users: process engineers, control room technicians, maintenance engineers, production managers and shift leaders
  • Access: SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) using a web browser
  • Frequency of access: usually once or twice a day
  • Notifications: by SMS text message or e-mail, by push notification using your company's notification system (with annual subscription only)