Steam conditioning

Desuperheating and pressure reduction in one unit

Steam conditioning valves simultaneously reduce the temperature and pressure of superheated steam. These control valves inject water into the steam directly downstream of the vena contracta, utilizing the very high velocities created, which ensures that steam and water are mixed optimally. SAMSON offers the Series 280 Valves for steam conditioning applications.

Steam conditioning valves

  • Maximize process efficiency by using steam near the saturation temperature
  • Minimize the cost of investment as the injected cooling water does not need to be preheated (depending on the process conditions)
  • Protect the downstream piping and equipment against excessive pressures and temperatures

Sample Applications

Heating up of substances in the chemical industry

  • High efficiency of heat exchangers by using steam near the saturation curve
  • Use of high-pressure or low-pressure steam
  • „Safe and efficient heating up of products

Steam box control in pulp and paper mills

  • Supply of constant pressure and temperature to steam boxes
  • Improved mill output thanks to more efficient drying of the paper
  • „Protection of paper from excessive pressures and temperatures as well as water droplet damage

Sterilization and cooking in the food industry

  • Supply of steam near the saturation temperature to ensure a uniform heat transfer
  • Accurate temperature control to ensure proper sterilization
  • Exact control for short cooking times

Efficiency and Realibility

Low cooling water temperature

No preheating required above 20 °C/68 °F (depending on the process conditions)

Long service life

No erosion and temperature shocks as there is no contact between the cooling water and the valve body

Flow divider ST 3

Low-noise and low-vibration operation

Excellent heat transfer rates thanks to large surface area

Excellent mixing of steam and water

Fast evaporation of the steam

Good temperature control

Excellent atomizing of the water across the entire operating range as the flow velocity at the vena contracta is independent of the flow rate

Short evaporation time

Spray water and steam are mixed where the steam's flow velocity is at its maximum

Low cost of installation

Compact valve design